LGPN Name Search

This is an updated version of the original LGPN Name search facility. It will be soon superseded by the new Database search.

enter a name or a pattern with ? and * wildcards; accents and case are ignored

Search Results

Found 23 names matching kara*.

How to use the search

To start a search

  • enter the search string in your preferred style (Unicode or Beta code). For example, to find the Greek name Ἀλεξάνδρα, you can enter your query in Unicode as Ἀλεξάνδρα, in its unaccented form Αλεξανδρα or in Beta code as alexandra.
  • case and accents are ignored

Wildcard searches

It is possible to find entries matching a pattern using ? and * wildcards.

  • ? is the single wildcard or joker, replacing exactly one character
  • * is the multiple wildcard or joker, replacing any number of characters
So a search for a string D?mo* in Beta code will produce names beginning Δαμο- and Δημο- . A string D*mo* will give the same results, but also any others besides which begin with Δ- and also contain -μο- , such as Διδυμος and Δοκιμος . Search for *νδρα in Unicode will return all names ending with νδρα , e.g. ῾Αγεισάνδρα or Κασσάνδρα